Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands
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      We welcome all Jews of any background to our services, and participate in our stimulating and ‎friendly programming.‎

      With weekly classes, and daily Minyanim for Shacharit and Mincha Maariv, we are ‎Georgetown's only Full-service shul.‎

Summer until Rosh Hashana - ‎

R"H thru Pesach 10MIINS. pass candle lighting!‎
Parasha Shiur 8:30AM
Shacharit 9:00AM
Gemara Shiur 1HR. before Mincha
Mincha 1.15HR before Shabbos ends

Shacharit Sunday 8:30AM
Shacharit Monday thru Friday 6:10AM, on Rosh Chodesh Shacharit at 6:00AM.
Mincha Maariv please call the office!‎

     We are promoting new growth in the Jewish population of our Georgetown neighborhood by ‎providing services and support to our current members and young families who are looking to ‎settle in our neighborhood.‎

     We provide:‎
‎• Hebrew reading tutorials‎
‎• Youth programming‎
‎• Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation‎
‎• A spacious 300 seat auditorium‎
‎• Full kiddush and simcha capability‎

    Our community welcomes new members and encourages members to take an active part in the ‎daily life of the synagogue family. Please contact the synagogue office with any questions ‎regarding activities, committees, and other issues relating to membership.‎
​     If you have any question concerning our Shiurim, Torah classes, Minyanim or ways of contributions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help find the best solutions for you.

Life cycle services:

Our Rabbi is always available for funeral, memorial, and unveiling services. Don't hesitate to contact me ‎if I can be of any assistance to you for any of these ceremonies. ‎

Funerals are expensive enough. My fee is reasonable, even nominal if personal finance is an issue. ‎Everyone deserves the dignity of a meaningful funeral service; one that is personalized and pays ‎tribute to a life well-lived. 

While residing in Brooklyn, New York, I can travel throughout the Tri-State area if the situation ‎arises. I will make the time to speak with you and listen to you and the family of the deceased ‎about the deceased. Through this process I will be able to provide the type of service you desire.‎

House Blessings

House Blessing - The blessing of the house and the attaching of the Mezuzah is a very old ‎custom that dates back to the beginning of our heritage. This ceremony results in a party and ‎done during a house warming. Since we understand and appreciate the seriousness of the house ‎blessing ceremony, we have the ability to furnish all parties with the information to understand ‎the ceremony and to follow along. For example, the Rabbi will explain and translate each prayer ‎for you and your guests. My goal is to make this an experience that you will remember for a ‎lifetime.‎
‎ The house blessing ceremony lasts about 1 hour.‎

Tutoring & Hebrew Lessons

Learn the Hebrew language. Understand and enjoy Jewish traditions, history, Torah and Jewish ‎prayers. Practice both modern and Biblical principles while learning the Torah. ‎

Whether you need Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons or Jewish prayer for beginners in your home with ‎private one-on-one lessons, The Rabbi offers tutorials to get you started.‎

Each session lasts 1 hour and can be weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. ‎

Bar Mitzvahs Lessons (for boys only)‎

The time of Bar Mitzvah is a richly celebrated passage of life. When a girl reaches her 12th ‎birthday or a boy his 13th, Judaism considers them capable of being responsible for their own ‎most important possessions, themselves. ‎

They are beginning to take their first steps into the world of adulthood. ‎

The preparation for being responsible for oneself and ones own Jewish growth is not to be taken ‎lightly, Our Rabbi will provide 1-hour Haphtorah tutoring sessions weekly. We believe this is the ‎most important Jewish event in a youth's life. our Rabbi is committed to enabling the new adult ‎the chance to shine.‎

Contact Rabbi Yair Fine at:
Cell: ‎ ‎347-407-1842